School management Software

Library Module

Manage print materials like books, journals and magazines along with CD, DVD and E-Journals. It maintains all acquisition register, stock register and reports. Using acquisition module, user can add, edit and update book details.

  • Option to add/ edit/delete book category and books
  • Librarian can customize library fine for each book or book category as per requirement. Separate fine can be given for staffs and teachers.
  • User can add duration limit for books (can be given for books, book category, staffs, students).
  • Provision to add book limit and also add a duration limit for a book to be considered in the new arrival category.
  • Subscription category and items can be added or edited or deleted.
  • View the report of books lends and fines associated..
  • Librarian can manage check in and checkout of books. Messages will be sent if anyone has requested for a particular book.
  • Option to drop complaints and to view the status of complaints send.
  • Requesting for leave and to view their leave status.