School management Software

HR Module

This module manages all the functionalities related to employees, which ensures better management of employees. The functionalities included in this module are: Dashboard has an easy links to add and search employees, add and edit attendance, payroll related tasks, set financial year and information about total employees, leave request and complaints. Also displays details about leaves taken and available leaves for the user. Dashboard also shows recent notifications, upcoming events and year calendar which display holidays and events.

  • Access to mailbox and user can send mails to other employees
  • Provision to send request for leaves and to view the status of send leave requests
  • Option to view Monthly attendance and the history of leaves taken.
  • Option to drop complaints and to view their status.
  • View the school image gallery, which displays the event photos.
  • View the year calendar, transport, hostel and school details.
  • User can view blog
  • View all books in the library and also keep track of their lend book details
  • View Profile and to change profile credentials.